Workshop: Implementation of Visco-Elasticity with Deal.II [03/2019]

From February to March 2019, a workshop called “Implementation of Visco-Elasticity with Deal.II” took place at IITD. The Chair of Applied Mechanics, FAU, was represented by Dr. Sebastian Pfaller, Benjamin Brands, Christian Burkhardt, Michael Caspari, Ludwig Herrnböck, and Maximilian Ries. In the workshop, the basic aspects of modeling inelastic material behavior, a short introduction into time integration concepts, and the theory of three-dimensional visco-elasticity were introduced. Additionally, scholars examined the visco-elastic problem based on academic examples, using the open-source C++ FE library deal.ii. The current visit was followed by a traditional sightseeing tour and tasting of local delicacies.


Group photo of seventeen researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

The workshop participants and lecturers; 2019;


Group photo of seven researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

At IITD; from left to right: Maximilian Ries, Ludwig Herrnböck, Dr. Sebastian Pfaller, Prof. Dr. Ajeet Kumar, Michael Caspari, Christian Burkhardt, Darius Baretto; 2019;


Group photo of five researchers from the technical faculties at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi visiting Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Visiting Rashtrapati Bhavan; from left to right: Michael Caspari, Ludwig Herrnböck, Prof. Ajeet Kumar, Christian Burkhardt, Maximilian Ries; 2019;