About the Project

MMSO stands for: M – Multi-Scale, M – Modeling, S – Simulation, and O – Optimization for Energy, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing.

The Project Multi-scale Modeling, Simulation and Optimization for Energy, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing” aims at academic and research cooperation between the FAU and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) on the thematic areas of multiscale modeling and simulations for advanced materials, multiphase flows relevant to energy processes, numerical simulations of advanced metal forming processes, adaptive wavelet methods, and more.


From both universities, approximately 400 students are expected to benefit from the joint projects, lectures, and workshops per year. For developing computational models, simulation and optimization methods for applications in the areas of energy generation, as well as for advanced materials and manufacturing, the following sub-themes have been identified for the partnership:


•  Multi-Scale Modeling of High Performance Materials

•  Multi-Scale Modeling of Multi-Phase Flows

•  Deep Conversion in Packed Bed Reactors

•  Numerical Simulation of Metal Forming Processes

•  Adaptive Wavelet Methods for Control of Networks


Visit the pages above to learn about the individual objectives. The following points illustrate the overall goals for the whole project:


•  Bringing the complementary expertise of the two academic institutions together, collaborating with the industry, and sustaining this partnership;

•  Internationalizing the education programs by strengthening the exchange of information, educational cooperation, interdisciplinary research, and student exchange;

•  Broadening and deepening the current understanding of the relevant subjects by developing theories and running simulations;

•  Validating the predictions of such simulations and establishing a basis for further development in these fields;

•  Holding presentations at top international conferences and publishing collaborative papers in international journals;

•  Striving toward optimizing the qualities of materials, saving energy and cost, while reducing environmental damage;


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