LTM visiting IITD [03/2018]

In March 2018, the FAU research group visited IITD. Led by Prof. Dr. Paul Steinmann, they participated in the Indo-German Workshop on Solid Mechanics, and several talks were given on current research.

The group was also invited to participate in a cultural program to visit historical sights, such as Humayun’s Tomb.


Group photo of thirteen researchers from the technical faculties at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

LTM visiting IITD; from left to right: Dr. Silvia Budday, Darius Barreto, Smriti, Volkan Baloglu, Tim Weidauer, Dr. Denis Davydov, Dr. Ester Comellas, Benjamin Brands, Dr. Sebastian Pfaller, Dominic Soldner, Reza Zabihyan, Vishal Boddu, Prof. Dr. Paul Steinmann; 2018;


At Humayun’s Tomb: A brownish-red building with a white pattern and several domes in different sizes on the roof. Some visitors are on and around the building.

Visiting Humayun’s Tomb; 2018;


At Humayun’s Tomb: A building made out of gray stone with several small blue domes around a large dome on the roof, surrounded by lime-green grass, tourists, and trees in the background.

Visiting Humayun’s Tomb; 2018;